Guest Composers

MikS MusicI created MikS Music Web site to allow small businesses and media producers quickly and easily license my music. However, with all the time required for supporting and developing this site, as well as needed for some of my other projects, I simply can’t record and upload new music fast enough to satifsy the needs of my clients. Hense, the idea of inviting guest composers to sell their music on my site was born.

I only feature the work of reputable professional composers who provide quality and safe royalty free music and explicitly agreed (in writing) to sell their work under the same terms and with the same guarantee that applies to all my music.

Meet our guest composers:

Joel Hunger

Joel is a Portland, OR based musician who has been writing, recording and performing music for more than 20 years. He mostly writes acoustic alternative rock, folk, and bluegrass music driven by acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums, occasionally the mandolin, banjo, and ukulele.

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