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MikS MusicHi, I’m Mik and I make background music for corporate videos and business use, YouTube monetization and marketing channels, documentaries, and other media projects.

I offer my clients – small business owners, video and multimedia producers, and content creators – affordable professional soundtracks with flexible licensing terms that you can download instantly from my online catalog. If your project calls for unique sounds, you can contact me to create an exclusive soundtrack to your video or film. View the complete list of my services.

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Want to know who’s using my royalty free music and where? Browse a collection of YouTube and Vimeo marketing videos from a variety of companies and industries that use royalty free music provided by MikS Music.

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Joel Hunger

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My services

Music production services contact me
  • Online catalog of professional background music for video and media projects with flexible licensing terms and instant download.
  • Custom music composition based on your specifications.
  • Instrumental / karaoke versions of popular songs for YouTube parody projects.
  • Sound-alike composition resembling closely the signature sound of a famous song.
  • Background instrumental music for songwriters and vocalists for demo reels and commercial releases.
  • Music production, mixing, and mastering for bands and songwriters.
Audio and sound engineering services contact me
  • Recorded audio improvement and cleanup, including pitch correction, vocal harmony, drum replacement, noise reduction, and more.
  • Conversion of analog audio material (tape, vinyl record) into digital format or your choice in audiophile quality with audio cleanup and noise reduction.
  • Sound design and foley / sound effects for films and games.
  • Field audio recording.
Video editing services contact me
  • Basic video editing, including adding soundtracks to recorded videos, improving dialog / narration audio quality, noise reduction, rearranging the scenes based on your specifications, and more.
E-commerce and IT services contact me
  • E-commerce consulting (setting up a Web shop, payment processing, hosting, etc).
  • Turn-key e-commerce solutions for small businesses based on your specifications.

Client testimonials

Spandy Andy

“Mik always manages to create music that works perfectly for my projects. He’s very timely and has great communication skills. Thanks Mik! I will continue to use your services for my future videos.”

Spandy Andy
International Entertainer and Dancer

Joshua Rimer

“I’ve used MikS Music for a bunch of the song parodies on my YouTube channel. He’s always able to take my requests and make me something in a short amount of time that’s perfect for my videos!”

Josh Rimer
YouTube Partner and Marketer

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