The Largest Collection Of Relaxing Music & Sounds For Videos, Meditations, Business Use

This post discusses the importance of choosing the right meditation and therapy music, emphasizing that not all slow tempo songs are suitable for these purposes. It discusses a large collection of royalty-free meditation and relaxation music, covering various categories including instrumental, ambient, ethnic, and healing frequencies. Finally, you will recommendations for downloading these resources with discounts.

How To Make Solfeggio Frequencies

Learn three methods for making solfeggio frequencies and incorporating them into healing and meditation content. Explore potential benefits and limitations.

Royalty Free Music Subscription Deal – 1 Free Month At TunePocket

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No More Copyright Claims! Whitelist Your YouTube Channel

The best solution to stop the claims for good is to whitelist your channel. Here’s how you can legally do it. How to whitelist your YouTube channel Watch the video below, where Scott Dumas, a professional videographer explains how to whitelist your channel with TunePocket subscription. What is a copyright claim and why can it …

3 Most Frustrating Things When Trying To Find Royalty Free Music For Videos

Do you feel frustrated when you  need to quickly find music for your video? One might think that finding music for videos is easy. After all, there is so much music available from the countless music licensing platforms and the ever growing number of audio producers. It really should be easy! Yet, more often than …