Buyers Guide To Resolving Third Party Content Claims on YouTube

MikS MusicDid you use my music in YouTube video and received third-party copyright claim? Read this post to learn what it means and how you can quickly resolve it.

Why you received the claim?

My music is copyrighted and YouTube’s digital fingerprinting system, Content ID, is merely informing you that your video contains third-party copyrighted content.

Even though you’ve got a claim, your video is still fully available and your channel is not being penalized for copyright infirngment. However, unless the claim is removed, YouTube will show ads in your video.

youtube adrev copyright notice

To find out more, log in to your YouTube account and check for outstanding copyright claims by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to Video Manager
  2. Look for ‘Includes copyrighted content’ links next to each video
  3. Click on the link to view the details of the claim

copyright claim youtube

Now click ‘Includes copyrighted content’ link and look for the content column. If it correctly identifies the track you licensed from me (it will say something like “Track ABC – MikS Music”) I will be able to quickly remove the claim.

How to quickly remove the claim and the ads?

Our good friends at SafeMusicList have put together a quick tutorial:

Option 1

Simply send me the link to your video. If you have the order number handy, please include it as well for faster processing. You can also simply reply to the order confirmation email.

As soon as I have the link, I will white-list your video in YouTube’s system and the ads will disappear within 24 hours. Normally, I can do that the same day I receive your email.

attention-redTip! Send me the link before publishing you video. Once whitelisted, go ahead and publish, there will be no claims and no ads.

If you purchased multiple Single-Use licenses or a Multi-Use license, I can whitelist your entire YouTube channel to prevent all future claims for using any of my music tracks.

Option 2

Contact AdRev support and fill the simple claim form to let them know that you purchased the license that grants you the right to use my music on YouTube. You can include the confirmation email as proof of proper licensing. Their support is fairly quick and you can expect the claim released within 24-48 hours.

Option 3

Dispute via YouTube’s built-in form.



Yet again, use the the order confirmation email as the proof of licensing.

What is AdRev?

AdRev is a YouTube Partner platform that relies on the Content ID system to manage and administer copyrighted content on behalf of content owners. Many composers and musicians use this system to monitor and get compensated for unlicensed use of their music on YouTube.


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  1. Hi I’m just wondering if the solution you have posted for copyright claims, also works for artists publishing song cover videos on youtube?


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