Want to Use My Music in Your Video? It’s easy!

Read these simple instructions to learn how to download and to use my royalty free music in your video right away.

This post explains how you can easily license my music to use in your video, game, or film in few simple steps.

1. Find the right music for your video.

Find the music that sets the mood and creates the emotion that you would like to evoke from your video audience. You can browse by category or search by tags (fast, motivational, happy, electronic, and so on) or keywords like “positive upbeat music“.

Here are some of the most popular categories:

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2. Choose the appropriate Royalty Free music license.

When you found the music that adds the emotional atmosphere to you video, you need to decide which license meets your needs.

Note that most tracks come with 2 or more different price tags. What does it mean? The price you pay for the license depends on how you intend to use the music. Specifically, whether you are going to use it in a single or multiple projects and if you need it for a commercial product. For example, a paid training video or a movie that you sell are commercial products.

You can find the details and more examples on the Royalty-Free Music License page. It’s short, straightforward, and contains no legal language.

3. Add the music that you’d like to license to the shopping cart.

You can add one or more tracks at the same time. The shopping cart icon in the top menu bar will tell you how many tracks you have in the cart and what’s their total value. Go to the cart to review your order and to make changes if needed.

4. Proceed to the checkout.

At the checkout page you will find a short form asking for billing and licensee information. The form only asks for your name, email and the name of your company or Web site (which is optional). The license will be issued to the name / company you specify here.

At this point you also can create an account by checking the ‘Create an account’ box.

You are not required to create the account to complete the transaction, however it is recommended if you want to access your order / download history in the future.

5. Make the payment.

Click on the PayPal button to make the payment. Please note that you will be transferred directly to PayPal to make the payment and then taken back to download your purchases. I never see or in any way process your credit card information.

Furthermore, my site is being scanned daily by SiteLock, the website security company that protects online stores from malware and all communications are encrypted with SSL.

Website security

With PayPal you can pay with any of the below credit / debit cards or PayPal balance

You are NOT required to have a PayPal account to make the payment. Simply choose ‘Pay with a Debit or Credit Card’ option when transferred to PayPal. Please note this may vary depending on your country.

pay with credit card

International customers! All prices are in US dollars but you still can pay with a non-US credit card. Your credit card company / bank will automatically convert the price into your local currency.

6. Download the music you licensed and use it right away!

Once the payment is completed you will be taken back to my site, to the Order Confirmation page. On this page you can review the order and download the music you licensed. You can use the music immediately.

Few clients mentioned that they were not able to see the download links right away. If that happens to you, don’t panic, Sometimes it takes few moments for the payment information to get from PayPal to my site. If you don’t see the download links right away, just refresh the page in a minute or so and everything should be in order.

You will also receive the order confirmation including the download links by email.

Important note for YouTube partners! You can use the order confirmation email to prove to YouTube that you have the license to use the music in commercial monetization videos. All my royalty-free music licenses, except for the Free Non-Commercial Royatly Free License, allow for YouTube monetization use and the order confirmation email will explicitly say so.

That’s it!

I hope you found this post useful. if you have any questions, you can contact me or post a comment.

Popular Question: Do I need to give credit if I use you music in my video?

If you purchased the license then No, you are not required to credit MikS Music. However, if you choose to mention me in the credits, I’ll be nothing but thankful. Send me the link to your project and I’ll post about in my blog.

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