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In this post I will go over some of the most frequently asked questions about MikS Music licensing Web shop, addressing security, order processing, and other important topics.

The ordering process is also covered in details in this article: Want to Use My Music in Your Video? It’s easy!

Music Licensing Questions

Can I legally and safely use your music in my video?

Yes, absolutely! The main concern with music licensing is unknowingly falling prey to copyright infringement by licensing material that wasn’t properly cleared for licensing in the first place. To address this concern, I guarantee the following:

  • Unless stated otherwise, all music and audio effects available for licensing on this site are composed and produced by MikS Music and guaranteed not to have any uncleared third party samples.
  • Unless stated otherwise, MikS Music is the sole copyright owner for all music and sound effects available for licensing at this site and no other third party, such as a recording label, a publisher, or a performance right organization, can legally claim royalties, fees, or penalties if you use my music in your project.

If your video gets a copyright claim on YouTube for using my music, I guarantee to remove the claim or your money back. To remove claims please contact me and send me the link to the video along with the order number. You can find the order number in the order confirmation email.

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What is royalty free music license?

Royalty free music license gives your the right to use copyrighted music without the need to pay royalties or license fees for recurring use or per volume sold, or certain time period of use or sales.

The recurring use in this context refers to how many times the end user gets to hear the music in your video or product. Read more about royalty free music licensing in this article: What is Royalty-Free Music?

Are you affiliated with any record label or publisher?

No. I control 100% copyright for all of my music and no other third party needs to be involved or compensated if you use my music in your video or media project.

In what types of videos and projects can I use your music?

I believe that my tiered royalty free music licenses account for majority of common scenarios, all the way up to unlimited commercial use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Can I use your music in a YouTube video?

Yes! All MikS Music licenses, allow for using my music in YouTube videos.

YouTube employs a sophisticated digital fingerprinting system, called Content ID, to prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted material. Since  my music is copyrighted, your video may may trigger a copyright claim in YouTube’s system.

Please note that the claim does NOT affect your video’s availability and your channel is not being penalized for copyright infringement.

All my royalty free licenses cover commercial YouTube use and the claims can be easily and quickly removed.

Why you got the claim?

Since my music is copyrighted, YouTube’s digital fingerprinting system, Content ID system, is informing you that your video contains copyrighted material.

How the claim affects my video?

Even though you’ve got a claim, your video is still fully available and your channel is not being penalized for copyright infringement. However, unless the claim is removed, YouTube will show ads in your video. These may include a typical Google ad block or a pre-roll video ad. If you don’t not mind the ads showing in your video you can simply ignore the claim.

How to remove the claim and the ads?

Simply send me the link to your video along with the order number. You can find the order number in the confirmation email that you received when you purchased the music license. As soon as I have the link, I will white-list your video in YouTube’s system and the ads will disappear. Normally, I can do that the same day I receive your email. Do not file the dispute with YouTube, it will take much longer!

I’ve purchased the license, why do I have to deal with copyright claims?

First of all, thank you for purchasing the license! Rest assured, you are entitled to using my music on YouTube or elsewhere, as per the licensing agreement.

However, YouTube does not know whether you have the license or not. It simply informs you that your video contains copyrighted material. If you do have the license, the claim can be easily and quickly removed. It’s like asking for the admission ticket when attending a show. Sorry about the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

If you want to learn more about YouTube’s Content ID system, take a look at this excellent post at Safe Music List Web site: Can I use copyrighted music in my YouTube video?

Do I have to give credit if I use your music?

If you purchase the Regular or Commercial Royalty Free License, you are not required to give credit. However, I will greatly appreciate if you choose to do so.

Ordering Process

Do I need to register or to create an account to make the purchase?

You do NOT need to register or log in, in order to make the purchase. However, you may opt in to create the account during the checkout if you wish to access your purchases later or to re-use your billing information in the future.

Do I need to provide my shipping and billing addresses?

Since all transactions are digital, there is no need for the shipping address. You will need, however, to provide your billing address for credit card authorization.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

At the moment MikS Music qualifies as what’s known as “small supplier” and is not obliged to collect sales tax. If this is to change, you will see the appropriate sales tax appear automatically in the shopping basket based on your location.

How soon can I download my files after the order is completed?

You can download the files right after the payment is completed. The download links will appear on the order confirmation page. You will also receive the confirmation email that includes the download links.

Can I get a refund?

It’s a normal practice with digital goods that all sales are considered final once you downloaded your purchase. However, if you believe the audio you downloaded is defective or for any other reason not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me. I will do my best to make it right.

Web Shop Security

What payments methods do you accept?

You can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Is it safe to pay?

All payment transactions are handled by Stripe and PayPal, arguably the most secure payment platforms. MikS Music site does NOT store or have access to your financial information.

Is it safe to submit my personal data to MikS Music?

The entire site is encrypted with the industry grade SSL security protocol and no data, including your email and password (if you choose to create an account) are transmitted in clear text.

Is it safe to use MikS Music Web site?

The entire site is scanned daily for viruses, spambots, and malware by SiteLock, the industry leader in Web security. Look at the SiteLock icon in the footer of the page. You can click on the icon to view the daily scan results.

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