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Handpicked Best Articles from around the Web on Video Marketing, Corporate Video Making, and Small Business YouTube Promotion

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Hi all, every time I come across a useful article on video marketing, corporate video making, or building your small business, I share it with my followers on Twitter and Facebook.

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What Is A Colorist?

Ever wondered what role colorists play in film-making and corporate video production?

Making it Profitable: Online Video Marketing for Business

How to make you video marketing effort pay off, a useful tutorial.

How Codecs Work – Tutorial

If you are producing videos you can learn everything about video codecs in this great explainer video.

How to Create a Click-Worthy Video Thumbnail Image

Useful advise about designing video thumbnails that attract clicks on YouTube.

Experience the Power of the Bookbook

Creative marketing at its best! The takeaway – you don’t have to be boring or play by the book when making your marketing videos.

Top tips when choosing your Corporate Video Production Company

Useful tips on choosing a video production company if you producing your corporate videos on house is not an option.

Awesome Online Video Trends

Consider the latest online video trends when making your next corporate or marketing video.

5 Tips to Make Your Interview-Style Videos More Engaging

Consider the latest online video trends when making your next corporate or marketing video.

How to Appropriately Promote Yourself on YouTube

If you’re a public facing figure for a brand, a personal YouTube channel can be a great way to deliver content to your followers.

Create A YouTube Traffic Jam With These 4 Simple Optimization Tips

4 simple yet often overlooked optimization tips for your corporate YouTube channel.

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Finding and Licensing Background Music for Corporate Video

This is one of my recent posts, which is also a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about licensing music for corporate and marketing videos.

Is It Safe to Use Free Music in Corporate Marketing Videos? (with Infographic)

Another one of my recent posts, that goes in details into the question of when is it safe to use free music in a small business corporate marketing video.

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