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See My Top 5 Favorite DIY Tutorials On How To Get Started With Video Marketing for Small Business

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Are you looking to get started with YouTube video marketing? Recently, I’ve decided to revamp my own YouTube channel for better performance, so I started looking around for some simple to understand DIY video marketing tutorials for small business or anyone on the budget.

In this post I will be sharing my favorite how-to videos giving tips on a variety of video subjects, from setting up a home video studio to improving your video making skills, to promoting your videos on YouTube.

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Why video marketing?

As QuickSprout’s Neil Patel puts it: If a picture says 1000 words, then video is priceless. Take a look at the infographic (courtesy of Quick Sprout). Read the original article here.

video marketing infographic
Image by QuickSprout. Click to view the complete infographic.

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Get Started With DIY Video Marketing

It is absolutely possible to create professionally looking marketing videos on a shoestring budget, as long as you know the right tricks.

How to set up your home film studio on a tight budget

First of all, before you can make any videos, you do need to get at least some basic equipment. You can start with just your smart phone or a simple point-and-shot photo camera with video function or you can invest a bit more depending on your needs and budget.

In the below video you will learn about selecting and setting up the backdrop or green screen, the lighting kit, as well as the camera and the microphone.

Not sure what kinds of videos to create?

Here are the 5 types of YouTube videos that every small business owner needs to have in his YouTube channel. These 5 types are:

  1. YouTube trailer video to introduce your channel
  2. The stats video
  3. Customer success story
  4. The Q & A video
  5. The tutorial video

Watch the video to learn the details:

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Make your home videos look pro

You’re just about to start shooting your video and realized your lighting kit isn’t working. Or you just finished shooting and it turned out the microphone wasn’t in the best spot. You can fix some of these blunders during the editing stage by following the simple tips in the below video. Learn how to:

  1. Use the sun as your free lighting kit
  2. Save dark shots with video editing
  3. Make stable videos without using the tripod
  4. “Fake” common pro video effects with a budget camera
  5. Get better audio without using expensive microphones

See the video for more:

Even the greatest video is useless if nobody can find it

Your video may be great but unless it’s getting the views, it is absolutely useless.

Here the 10 tips for getting higher YouTube rankings:

  1. Define your niche and know your audience
  2. Buy your way to the top (if you have the budget)
  3. Use meaningful tags
  4. Share your videos on other social media sites
  5. Make engaging videos, so people watch till the end
  6. Use captions
  7. Make your thumbnails stand out
  8. Put channel name in your tags (I personally think it’s questionable but who knows)
  9. Optimize your title and description (please note that the Keyword tools he talks about is no longer available, however the optimization is still relevant and important)
  10. Ask for likes, shares, and subscribes

How to find out if your video really works

Finally, you should be able to tell if your video marketing campaign is bringing you any business. These video will teach you how to track the clicks from YouTube annotations and be able to tell which videos (or even which parts of videos) help to bring the visitors to your Web site and how many of these visitors turn into paying customers.

YouTube Video Marketing Real-Life Examples

Interested to see more real-life YouTube video marketing examples?

I make music for marketing videos. A little while ago, I wrote this post where I put a small collection of videos by some big and small companies from a variety of industries that use my music in their videos.

Disclaimer: I only featured the videos that use my music, so it’s not a necessarily comprehensive list. Yet, it’s still representative and the videos are the real-life examples of YouTube video marketing. YouTube Video Marketing Examples

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Have a question about using music in marketing videos on YouTube or elsewhere?

Post it in the comments.

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