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Many people ask me where to get cheap royalty free music that sounds good and is safe to use in commercial projects?

In this post I’ll look into one of TunePocket’s non advertised features that will help you instantly save at least 10% on unlimited royalty free music subscription or get lifetime commercial licenses for as low as $4.90 per song.

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In my quest to help you legally license good music for your ads, videos, or podcasts, I’m always on the lookout for the best deals. Today we look at some hidden TunePocket offers that took some digging up to expose.

The cheapest royalty free music is free, right? šŸ˜‰

The cheapest royalty free music is, of course, free šŸ™‚ and there’s plenty of it.

There’s nothing wrong with using free music (as long as you obtain it legally and use it with full permission of the creator).

However, using music in commercial projects requires some extra diligence.


When using music commercially or to promote your business you need to have be certain that it won’t cause you (or your business) any issues in the future.

Imagine this scenario:

An upcoming artist decides to distribute a new album for free to get the name out.

You use a song from that album in a promo video that really resonates with your clients.

The album eventually gets picked up by a recording label who demands you stop using the music unless you pay a hefty sync fee.

Here’s another scenario..

The album remains free but someone out there downloads the music, re-titles the songs, and claims the ownership by registering the “new” songs with all sort of digital distributors.

As the result, Facebook and TikTok mute your promo videos because it now contains copyrighted music that belongs to the “new owner”.

Far fetched?

Not at all. Happens all the time!

Why it may be better to pay (even so little) when you license music

license purchase

When you purchase something that creates a binding contract with the seller.

In other words, you are entitled for something in exchange for your money.

And you can reasonably expect the seller to offer you at least some level of assistance if you encounter issues with the purchased product.

Not to mention that most countries have consumer protection laws to shield you from rip offs and legit sellers typically aim to satisfy their clients (if they want to stay in business anyway).

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars. But even paying a couple of bucks can go long when if you need to prove that you have legal right to use music in your project.

Of course, stick with reputable music providers that been around for some time. That always helps!

Now, let’s finally take a look at a couple of hidden deals your can get with TunePocket.

TunePocket hidden deals

Depending on if you’re looking for unlimited download access or just need a couple of songs or intros, I found two different deals for you:

Save 10% on royalty free music subscription

TunePocket is mostly known for their unlimited royalty free music subscription.

How this works?

You purchase the membership (typically for a year) and during that time you can download unlimited royalty free music and sounds to use in your videos or podcasts.

Here’s how you can instantly get 10% off:

Step 1: Sign up for TunePocket email newsletter.

Step 2: Wait for the confirmation email and confirm your enrollment.

Step 3: Look for the 10% off coupon in the next email.

Of course, this may change without notice but as of now, this is a great option to legally buy cheap royalty free music with a nice discount.

You can also unsubscribe from newsletter later on, however I don’t recommend it, as you might miss on some of their future offers (that may be even better)!

Get lifetime commercial music license for $4.90 per song

If you only need a handful of music tracks or intros (like an intro jingle for your new channel or podcast), here’s another option.:

By default, TunePocket offers 5 commercial licenses for $39 (at the time of this writing).

That comes to $7.80 per license and is a great offer as is, especially compared to most other music libraries.

But you can make it even better and get more music at the lower cost. Here’s how:

Step 1: Learn more about TunePocket pay as you go offer and start the checkout.

Step 2: On the checkout page look for the offer to get another 5 downloads for $10 extra. This will give you 10 downloads for $4.90 each. With lifetime commercial license to use and re-use the music in multiple videos or projects!

Step 3: Take the offer, dah!

Hope this helps you to find the cheapest royalty free music for your next video or podcast episode and move your business forward!

download unlimited royalty-free music for personal commercial use

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