TunePocket Review 2021

In my quest to discover the best places where you can legally and affordably license music for your videos, I asked Scott Dumas to review TunePocket.

Scott DumasScott Dumas, a professional videographer, filmmaker, and YouTuber reviews TunePocket. Is TunePocket a good royalty free music library for YouTubers and freelance videographers?

TunePocket review

Is TunePocket a good music library for YouTubers or freelance videograhers?

I’d say Yes and I can think of 3 good reasons why:

✅ Flexible membership plans

Many music libraries offer unlimited subscriptions and, of course, TunePocket does as well. But, like I said, what if you don’t really need that unlimited subscription?

With TunePocket you can either get the unlimited download subscription or just license a couple of soundtracks for a small project.

The best thing, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime, as your needs change.

✅ Most affordable among similar services

The price of unlimited subscriptions with most of the popular music libraries is typically around $199 a year.

I can say from personal experience that it can be substantially higher if you want to use the music in commercial projects. Or if you want the sound effects included with your subscription.

If you take a look at Epidemic Sound, which I also occasionally use in certain cases (and for certain clients), they charge A LOT for commercial licenses.

At TunePocket you can get unlimited access to the entire catalog starting as low as $99 per year, which saves you at least 50% compared to similar subscription services.

If you don’t make lots of videos or prefer to re-use the same soundtrack in all of your videos, you can pick individual music tracks for less than $5 per download by purchasing small download packs of five or ten tracks.

That option is perfect for videographers and video creators who have less frequent work. However, if you expect to use over 20 music tracks per year, the unlimited subscription will be your best bet.

Keep in mind that clients do often change their mind and you may often need intros, outros, and sound effects to complement the main soundtrack. Thus, these 20 tracks may not necessarily cover 20 freelance gigs.

The commercial license included by default with all TunePocket membership plans.

Last but not least, TunePocket does not charge extra for the sound effects, so you get access to everything from the get-go.

✅ Wide commercial license

Most music libraries offer tiered licenses depending on how you plan to use their content. This can considerably raise your licensing costs and limit usage in certain cases.

TunePocket aims to make licensing simple, thus there’s one license that covers pretty much any use.

You can use (and reuse!) TunePocket music in most personal or commercial media project, from YouTube and social media, to ads, commercials, film, and documentaries.

Since TunePocket has plenty of 100% royalty-free music, you can also use their tracks in offline and non-video projects. For example, at presentations, meetings, events, and for in-store music ambiance.

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If you’re a freelancer working on a client video, you can download the PDF licensing certificate (showing your client’s company name) and give it to your client as proof of proper licensing.

Hope this review helps you to find the best royalty free music library for your videos. Tell me what you think by posting a comment!

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  1. Very nice information! I like that. I also like the fact that this app is LEGAL. I would prefer to keep my downloads legal

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