3 Most Frustrating Things When Trying To Find Royalty Free Music For Videos

Do you feel frustrated when you  need to quickly find music for your video?

MikS MusicHi, I’m Mik, an independent music producer making soundtracks for promotional video and advertisement. I spoke with some video makers and discovered these 3 common sources of frustration. Read on.

frustrated search royalty free music

One might think that finding music for videos is easy. After all, there is so much music available from the countless music licensing platforms and the ever growing number of audio producers. It really should be easy!

Yet, more often than not, finding that perfect soundtrack is a laborious task!

I spoke with a group of video creators and here are 3 most common complaints:

1. It takes too long to find what I have in mind

“I often spend hours trying to find what I need. I have to visit multiple royalty free sites and comb through a large amount of mediocre songs all tagged as ‘best corporate background’.”

Peter, Freelance Video Editor

2. Licensing is confusing

“I’m the one who gets to read the fine-print. Can I use this song in my video? Can I use it commercially? Can I pass the license to our clients? I wish there was a simple license that covers all common cases.”

Miriam, Marketing Coordinator

3. It doesn’t fit my budget

“Many music libraries charge $15-$50 per song and even more if I want commercial rights. Some libraries want me to pay again if I want to re-use the same song! I run a simple video blog, so it just doesn’t make financial sense to keep purchasing licenses for each new video.”

Amit, Video Blogger

What is the most frustrating thing for you? Share it in the comments!

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