How To Resolve YouTube Copyright Claims
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Did you use legally licensed royalty free music in a YouTube video and received a copyright claim? In this podcast, I’m explaining how the claim may affect your video and how to resolve it.

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Hi, it’s Mik, I’m a staff composer at Safe Music List music library and today we’re going to talk about the YouTube copyright claims. Many people get then, many people afraid of getting them, many people get upset over them, so I’m going to give you just a bit of information, helpful I hope, so you’ll exactly what to do if you ever get one.

Okay so imagine this. You got a piece of music, royalty free music that you actually paid for the licensed use it in a video. You made your video, uploaded to YouTube and you got a copyright claim.

First of all don’t panic. What you need to keep in mind that the claims are pretty much harmless. Your video is still there, fully accessible, and you channel is not being penalized. But! You may see the ads appearing in the video and if you’re monetizing YouTube you won’t be able to do that if your video contains copyrighted content.

So at this point I imagine your biggest question is why am I even getting the claims, I did pay for the license, so why do you have to go through any trouble? YouTube has a system called content ID, the fact that you got the claim means that the composer who created the music has his or her music registered with that system and, trust me, most people who make music for a living do that, because that’s one of the few ways that actually exist today to make sure that nobody uses our music without permission. But you do have a license, so let’s see how can easily and quickly removed the claims.

Technically, I’d say you have four options. The first option is do nothing.Ā  And yes your video is still going to be there but you will see the ads and you won’t be able to make money off your video if that’s what you do on YouTube.

Your second option I get in touch with the musician or the library where you got the music, where you purchase the license and tell them, hey, I’ve got a license, please clear this video. Sent them to link to the video and they can do that fairly quickly. I actually have my music registered with the Content ID system, so I can tell you if you send in the link to the video which uses my music and you do have the license I can have it cleared for you in a couple hours. That’s really easy.

Your next option depends on who claims the video. If this is AdRev For Rights Holder or sometimes it’s called AdRev For The Third Party, they have a contact form at And you can go there, provide a link to your video and explain that you actually purchased the license and maybe copy the licensing certificate or any supporting information.

Your last option is to a dispute it directly with YouTube. So in your video manager you’ll find a link which is called File a Dispute. And then simply follow the instructions and yet again you’ll be given a set of options and in this set of options you’ll have to choose: “I believe this copyright claim is not valid because I have a license of written permission from the property rights holder to use this material”.

So that’s about it. I have a much more detailed tutorial in our blog at or you can actually find a link in the description of this clip, so you can go there and see all the options that I was talking about here with the screenshots and much more information. Thanks for listening, that was Mik the composer at Safe Music List production music library.

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What is AdRev?

AdRev is a YouTube Partner platform that relies on the Content ID system to manage and administer copyrighted content on behalf of content owners. Many composers and musicians use this system to monitor and get compensated for unlicensed use of their music on YouTube.

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