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Hi, I’m Mik, an independent music producer making music for film and advertisement. Recently I teamed up with other professional composers and we created TunePocket, a Web site where, for a small annual fee, video editors and filmmakers unlimited access to all our music.

Here’s why I think that’s a great topic:

1) Music for videos is a popular subject with many people searching daily for royalty free and production / stock music.

2) Not too many music libraries offer unlimited access to professional quality royalty free music collections and there is strong interest from the video and media creators in that kind of service.

3) If your goal is to monetize your blog, TunePocket offers affiliate commission for referrals. Contact TunePocket for details

Here’s some background information you might find useful:

About TunePocket is a collective of independent music producers. We create professional music for promotional videos, films, games, documentaries, and other media. For a small annual fee, you can have unlimited access to all our music and use it in personal and commercial projects with a simple royalty free license.

There are many places around the Web to get “free” music. Why use TunePocket?

  1. Music quality. All music created by professional media composers with years of experience composing for film and media, including games and promotional video.
  2. Curated and searchable catalog. Search by mood, genre, or instrument. Filter and sort the results to quickly find the music you need.
  3. Commercial use license. Our royalty free license gives your the right to use our music in commercial projects. For each download we provide a licensing certificate that identifies you as the license holder.
  4. Transparency and support. We stand behind our music and will help you with any copyright issues and request to whitelist your YouTube channel. Any music registered with Content ID or the PROs (Performance Right Organizations) is clearly marked in the catalog.

What is royalty free music?

“Royalty Free Music” is certainly one the most confusing topics these days. If you ask around you will end up getting some wildly different answers, from “free to use” to “no copyright” to “safe to use on YouTube”. In reality, “royalty free” is just another licensing option among others. A royalty free license grants you the right to use copyrighted material (music in our case) without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold, or certain time period of use or sales. For example, if you want to use our music in a series of corporate videos, you don’t have to purchase additional licenses every time you make a new video. If you put that video on YouTube, you are not required to pay any royalties if your video reaches 100, 1,000, or 1,000,000 views. If you use our music in a commercial for sale product, you are not required to pay royalties each time you sell a copy.

Music licensing basics

Unless you are using public domain music, any music you use in a video must be properly licensed. This can be as simple as giving credit for a creative commons music to purchasing a commercial license for a corporate video. For most commercial music, you must obtain two licenses – a Sync (Synchronization) license that grants you the permission to use the song and a Master license that grants you the permission to use the recording of that song. The Sync licenses are typically administered by a publisher that may vary from a large company to an individual songwriter who publishes his own work. The Master licenses are administered by the recording label or directly by an independent artist.

To simplify the licensing process we offer a comprehensive Master Sync license that covers both, the musical composition and the recording. The license is granted automatically to all subscribers and our composers own 100% copyright to their works, so you don’t need to contact any third party publishers or recording labels.

download unlimited royalty-free music for personal commercial use

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About the author: Hi, I’m Mik. I make royalty free music for promotional videos, YouTube business vlogs, marketing campaigns, film, and more. All my music is available for licensing online with a simple royalty free commercial license. Buy once, download instantly, use forever!

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