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It’s OK to ask for help when you’re stuck!

All blog writers get this every once in a while and I’m no exception. While struggling to come up with a nice title for my next blog post about using background music in video, I came across a fun title-making tool made by a marketing company Portent. I gave it a try here’s what it came up with.

Writer’s block is no fun. But overcoming it can be lots of fun, as you will see from some of the examples below. All these titles were auto-generated by Portent’s Title Maker tool and presented without any edits.

13 Ways Background Music Could Leave You Needing a Lawyer

Wow, this one is actually pretty cool! From the attention grabbing point of view anyway.

If You Read One Article About Background Music Read this One

No bad, passable.

The 18 Worst Background Music in History

Hmm, I’d rather stay on the positive side of things.

13 Problems with Background Music

This one would work when edited a bit, I suppose.

How Tim Gunn Makes Background Music Work

Does he? Really, I have no idea.

What Mom Never Told You About Background Music

Now, this one is scary.

Why Background Music is Sexy

I never thought about it that way but I guess it is.. sort of.

17 Ways Background Music is Completely Overrated

Oops, considering I’m making music for corporate videos for a living, that’s not the title I’d be happy with. Let’s pretend we didn’t see it.

How Background Music is Making the World a Better Place

Now, this one is a keeper.

Hope you had a bit of fun. If you’d like to give this tool a try here’s the link:

Portent Title Maker

By the way, I also tried it for generating the title for this post and here’s what it suggested:

Writer’s Block in 13 Easy Steps

I think I’ll pass.

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